Nominate a 2018 Trailblazer

Thank you for nominating a Trailblazer Woman for the 2018 Empower the Immigrant Woman Conference.  Please fill out the Nomination Form with detailed information about your Trailblazer Nominee. For questions regarding the nomination process, please contact us.

How to submit your nomination

You may submit your Trailblazer Nomination Form in one of the following ways:

  • Fill out the online submission form below
  • Email your nomination form to
  • Mail or hand-deliver your nomination form to: Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, c/o Empower the Immigrant Woman/Persila Carle, 24 Preble Street,  3rd Floor, Portland, ME 04101

NOMINATION DEADLINE:  December 1, 2017

Please note, nominations received after this date cannot be considered for the 2018 Conference, but we encourage you to resubmit your nomination for the following year.

Nomination forms should be submitted in English. However, the committee will take into consideration those for whom English is not their first language or writing is more difficult.

The 2018 Trailblazer Selection Committee will consider the following criteria:

  • The nominee lives or has lived in Maine and has made significant accomplishments within Maine.
  • The nominee is known and respected within her community.
  • The nominee has made significant contributions within her own community (note, community is defined broadly and can mean the woman’s own ethnic community, living community, neighborhood community, or other community as described.)
  • The nominee has made contributions within the broader community in some way.
  • The nominees has made contributions that transcends communities and her impact and involvement is truly multicultural in bringing different communities together.
  • The nominee’s contributions go above and beyond and she gives back in meaningful ways beyond just her job title or official role.
  • The nominee has shown significant leadership through her initiative and vision and her contributions have helped bring about change that is making a difference to others.
  • The nominee demonstrates exemplary strength of character, passion, commitment, integrity, and resiliency.
  • The nominee has empowered herself as well as others and exemplifies the spirit of the Empower Honoree Trailblazer Award in her ability to Empower, Educate and Inspire.


Please answer EVERY question to provide the selection committee with detailed information about your nominee.  

Your Name *
Your Name
Name of Your Nominee *
Name of Your Nominee
1. In a few paragraphs, please tell us the background story of this woman and her accomplishments and why you believe she is an empowered woman. Please provide details of why you believe she is deserving of being recognized as an outstanding Trailblazer Honoree.
2. Please give at least two or more specific examples of how your nominee is making a difference in the community, this may include her own ethnic community and/or the broader community. What impact is she making and how?
3. Please tell us anything else you think is important for the selection committee to know about this woman that has not already been mentioned.